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HLK-B Air Textured Machine


HLK-B Air Textured Machine is a new brand machine which was designed by our company. It uses pressure air jets to process the filament and made the filament fluffy and has some feature of stable fiber. Then use different deformation process to made the products feel and look like woolcottonlinen and silk. This machine can made the(FDY) such as polyester polypropylene nylon into ATY after wetting ,deformation and oiling. The ATY yarns are used for looms machine.


Method of the operation

Two sides operation


8 sections (16 spindles for one section)

Spindle No.


Fiber Density


Max. Output Speed

600 m/min

Cone Winding Size


Cone Winding Weight


Main transmission power


Auxiliary Transmission Power(About)


Rated pressure of Air pressure


Machine Dimension (without the creel)

13160*4320*2205mm (L*W*H)


The fancy yarn of ring frame transformation
The fancy yarn of twisting machine transformation
The fancy yarn of air spinning
machine transformation
color sliver of drawing and gill machine transformation
computer control fancy yarn machine
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