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HN5DC Computer Control Fancy Yarn Machine



This machine is suitable for one-step processing parallel yarn, loop yarn,wave yarn,  slub yarn, knot yarn or fancy yarn with their mutual combination .

Raw material can be wool, linen, chemical fiber filament as roving, striped or yarn feeding .The production can be used for weaving, knitting, weaving.

Main feature

All parameters can be set amendedstoredshow on the touching screen by the PLC and human operation. Five columns drawing roller of stepless speed are controlled by five servo systems. Core output and hollow spindle stepless speed are accomplished by three sets of frequent converter systems.

Due to the special drafting device, the material (three kinds or three colors) can be staggered feed to realize color gradual changing and sudden changing(period of dyeing effect) ,rainbow and their combination for more colorful fabric.

Main parameter

Spindle No.


Spindle Gauge


Fiber Length


Drafting form

Three drafting zone made-up by three column rear rollers sharing one front roller and one middle roller, long and short apron, the door type cradle pressure

Hollow spindle speed


Ring spindle speed


Doffing form

No stop single spindle doffing, but also collective stop doffing

Cone size





11020*5290*2330mm (L*W*H)


The fancy yarn of ring frame transformation
The fancy yarn of twisting machine transformation
The fancy yarn of air spinning
machine transformation
color sliver of drawing and gill machine transformation
computer control fancy yarn machine
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